WindowShade X 5.0.7

Take control of window management in OS X

WindowShade X is a window manager to make managing work on your Mac easier. View full description


  • Gives more power to window management
  • Make windows transparent


  • Haxie application which may not remove properly

Not bad

WindowShade X is a window manager to make managing work on your Mac easier.

It gives you far more control over how windows act when they are minimized, closed, moved and all round window management. WindowShade X allows you to assign new actions to the minimize button or by double-clicking on the window title. For example, you can minimize the window to the Dock, "Windowshade" a window into a tiny strip to get it out of the way.

Other possibilities including making a window transparent, making a window float on top, instantly hiding applications and a simple "Do nothing" action which prevents you from minimizing or closing windows accidentally. Note that you need Rosetta installed for WindowShade X to work properly.

However, be warned that WindowShade X is what's know as a Haxie application - a term invented by Unsanity (the developers of WindowShade X) to describe an application which makes fundamental changes to your Mac system. You may have problems removing it afterwards as a result and there is a lot of controversy as to whether it's an ethical and even legal way to develop software on the Mac.

WindowShade X is a handy application but just be sure you definitely want it before installing as you may have problems removing it.


  • You may have to restart after installing WSX for the first time.
  • Addresses many parent-child relationship problems.
  • If a window is minimized (collapsed) and it suddenly gets a child window, the window will expand automatically. For example, collapse Safari then press Command L (to go to the location bar). Safari will expand itself.
  • No longer attempts to make a child float on top.
  • Lots of other parent-child relationship fixes.
  • Removed some spurious logging errors when EyeTV's setup assistant was closed.

WindowShade X provides an exciting and useful way of organizing your work on Mac OS X. With this handy tool, you can assign the following actions to the minimize button and a double-click on the window title:

  • Minimize the window to the Dock, like always
  • "Windowshade" the window into a tiny strip to quickly peek below or get it out of the way
  • Minimize-In-Place the window so it becomes really small so you can move it out of the way yet still see what is going on
  • Make the window transparent so you can continue working in it while seeing things under it
  • Hide the application quickly
  • Do nothing and ignore the action (sometimes it is quite useful as well)

These actions can be set on per-application basis so you can configure your workspace to be convenient for you - get more accomplished, and make it happen quicker!



WindowShade X 5.0.7